The Commercial Irrigation Industry

Are you looking for irrigation solutions? If you are, you may want to take a closer look at what the commercial irrigation industry is doing. This industry has developed very effective methods of irrigation. Here are a few tips from Gold Coast Irrigation that you might want to implement.

commercial irrigation systems

Put In More Heads That You Think You Need

If you’re installing a sprinkler system, you should try to put in more heads than you think you need. Sprinkler heads are fairly easy to remove. If you install too many, you can just get rid of one later on.

You want to make sure you have enough sprinkler heads installed. It’s better to play it safe and install too many.

Don’t Use A Hacksaw

If you are installing an irrigation system, you shouldn’t use a hacksaw to cut through pipe. A hacksaw won’t be able to give you a clean cut.

Instead, you should use something that is specifically designed to cut through PVC pipe. Tubing cutters are fairly inexpensive, and they’ll be able to cut through this kind of pipe cleanly.

Care For Your System As The Weather Changes

Even if your system functions perfectly during the spring and summer, you’ll want to make sure you have it cared for as the seasons change. You should clean it out thoroughly in the fall. That way, you won’t have any issues if your pipes freeze in the winter.

You might want to hire professionals and ask them to blow your pipe out. If you hire pros, you’ll know that the job has been handled the right way.

Don’t Dig Without Learning More

If you’re installing your own irrigation system, and you’re doing to be doing some digging, you should call to make sure this won’t cause a problem. If there are buried utilities in your yard, you aren’t going to want to dig in that area.

These kinds of mistakes can cause major problems, and they are quite easy to avoid. You should take additional steps so that you can keep your yard in great shape. It doesn’t take much effort to make a call, but it can solve a lot of problems.

Don’t Mix And Match Sprinkler Systems

It’s important to have consistency in your sprinkler system. You shouldn’t mix or match different sprinklers within the same zone. The watering times on these sprinklers aren’t always going to be the same.

If you use more than one type of sprinkler in the same zone, your lawn won’t be watered effectively. There is a good chance that you’ll have to deal with irrigation issues in the future.

Run Your Water Irrigation System Early

The best time to run your water irrigation system is early in the morning. You’ll be able to get the best water pressure during this time of day.

Running your system early will also be the best choice for your lawn. Because there is less wind in the early morning, the water will be able to stay where it belongs. If you run your system when it is windy, the water could move to another place, which could leave dry areas on your yard.

Many people schedule their system to run at about 5 in the morning, around the time the sun comes up. See if a schedule like that might work for you.

As you can see, the commercial irrigation industry can be an excellent resource. Apply these tips so that you can come up with irrigation methods that are as effective as they need to be. Make sure you don’t have to deal with any irrigation issues in the future.

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