Air conditioners are required to work long hours, often days, to provide the climate control that is the function of this equipment. Most air conditioning equipment consists of the condenser and the evaporator which function in concert to produce the desired cooling. It is when either of this, malfunction, that there is then a need to locate a local air conditioner repair company.

Refrigerant or cooling gas is subjected to great pressures in a compressor, which converts the gas to liquid and removes all heat from it through a heat exchanger. This liquid is then passed through an evaporator via an expansion valve causing the gas to expand and evaporate. The latent heat from the air is cooled through this process. The gas goes back to the condenser or compressor for the cycle to beWall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit repeated. Both these units that perform these functions are sealed units that can malfunction and require air conditioner repairs.

At times, the machinery can fail to run because of problems with the power supply and it is advisable to check this before calling in any technicians for repair. Repairs are also indicated, when the machine functions but does not cool the air as required. This can indicate a leak of refrigerant gas or a thermostat malfunction. Thermostats are devices that help to control temperatures and are affected by various factors. Cooling of an air conditioner can also be erratic and make it necessary to go in for air conditioner repairs.

Air conditioner repairs can be quite costly, and these costs can be reduced or avoided if care is taken to maintain the unit at regular intervals. This task is best left to experienced and qualified technicians who are familiar with the make and model of air conditioner that is being serviced. These experts will take apart the machinery, clean or replace filters, check electrical circuits, oil or grease moving parts and ensure that all parts and devices are working as they should. Regular maintenance can go a long way in preventing the need for repairs. Reducing the load on the machine and allowing it to rest can also extend the time between repairs.

High utility bills can also often point to a defect in an air conditioner which needs attention before it leads to complete breakdown of the machinery. Loads on air conditioners can also increase and stretch them to capacity if proper attention is not given to insulation and preventing the leakage of cold air from any air conditioned space. The heat coming in from outside through glass of windows can also lead to the breakdown of air conditioners. Attention to double glazing and insulation properties of roofs and walls of any living space is a must for efficient functioning.

Air conditioner repairs are best done by the agencies who carried out the original installation. There will then be no problem for obtaining any spares. When you do find a problem for spares, it is an indication that the air conditioner you have had installed is outdated, and you will be well advised to go in for replacement, instead of repairs.