Blocked drains are among the most annoying incidents that can occur in a house. Although they aren’t dangerous, you shouldn’t ignore them, as they can increase the risk of mould and germs. Stale water isn’t good for your floors, furniture or carpets. In addition, it is a very good environment for mould and mildew. Even a few hours are enough for these problems to appear, so the sooner you take action, the better. Moreover, blocked drains can be indirectly dangerous, due to the fact that the water isn’t clean. When your toilet overflows, you expose yourself and the other members of your family to the contamination with various germs and bacteria. You can imagine the toilet water is far from being clean. Even if it doesn’t smell, it can still be infected with microorganisms that can make you sick, should you get in contact with them or inhale them by accident.

Whenever you see the water doesn’t drain properly, you should try to solve the problem. Before calling a blocked drains plumber, you can pour a special unclogging gel down the drain, as it might restore its good functioning without further intervention. If it doesn’t work, you are going to need to ask a plumber to help you.

People who don’t agree with the use of harsh chemicals and unclogging agents can try another trick to unclog their drains. You have to pour about half cup of baking soda on the sink drain, and then pour vinegar over it. These two substances are going to interact with each other in a violent manner. There’s plumber working on a blocked draingoing to be a lot of bubbling and sizzling, but the end result may be an unclogged and perfectly functional drain. Once the chemical reaction slows down, you need to pour a lot of cold water down the drain, in order to wash away the vinegar traces. If you don’t do it, your drain is going to have an unpleasant odour.

Plumbers have other methods to restore the normal functioning of your drains. They use special tools to extract any item that may have get stuck inside your drains. If this type of job isn’t successful, they may remove all pipes until they get to the point where the problem is. Once they find the problem, replacing that pipe with a new one is a piece of cake. Nonetheless, it would be tricky for you to do this kind of job by yourself. You may be able to replace a drain, as that’s no big deal. However, when it comes to securing the proper insulation, things get very complex. Very few outsiders manage to install and connect all these pipes perfectly. If you fail, your pipes are going to leak. This is something you don’t need in your house, so you may end up by calling a plumber anyway. Since this is how things are, why not make use of professional services in the first place, and get your drain unclogged by skilled plumbers who know their job very well?