If you are in the market for a residential home you are considering making what will probably be the largest investment of your life – this is not a decision that you will be taking lightly. When you sign on that dotted line and take ownership of your property you will probably have two thoughts uppermost in your mind. The first of these is the return on investment that you obtain when you one day decide to dispose of that asset. The second – and possibly even more important if you are going to be using the home as a place of residence for your family is whether they will be comfortable and safe in the residence.

Both of these concerns are equally valid and prior to taking out a mortgage you should take the common sense steps of having a building inspection done and on top of that an inspection for any potential problems caused by pests.

A building inspection should be carried out by a certified professional like Home Inspect Qld who will then provide a report on the state of the structure and point out any problems.

building and pest inspector at work

That professional should be looking for any obvious problems on the exterior and the interior of the property. These problems can range from the discolouration of paint which may be symptomatic of underlying was with water seepage or something even more serious such as mould infestation.

The building inspector should also be checking the roof and supporting structures. One of the most common complaints from new homeowners is that water damage from roofing and guttering issues affects the value of the home. In addition, if the home has any areas which are below ground level these should be checked extremely carefully as once again water damage to these areas, especially in regions with high rainfall can affect the value of the residence extremely quickly and may cause costly insurance claims – which in turn raise insurance premiums.

It is also advisable to ask the inspector if they have personnel who are qualified to inspect electrical systems, including installations such as the geyser, as well as wiring.

If your home is situated in an area which may be subject to infestations from insects such as termites it is absolutely essential that a pest inspection takes place. The damage caused by infestations may not readily be apparent but it can cause enormous damage and be extremely difficult to treat.

The cost of such inspections may vary – however, the prospective homeowner should be aware that an ounce of prevention can be better than a pound of cure at a later date. If inspections are not carried out – and carried out by a registered and skilled professional the costs later on down the line may very well add a significant burden to household expenses which are already subject to the pressures of serving a mortgage. Be sure that the property that you are purchasing is your dream home – not a potential nightmare.