When many people experience an invasion of their home from insects, rodents or other issues, their first thought is to call an exterminator. In reality, an exterminator can help to remove many of those items but you need more than what they offer, you want a pest control service. That type of service will not only remove the pests from the home, they also offer solutions to help keep your home from being a target in the first place. Here are a few things that you can expect from a pest control service.

First of all, everybody’s home is going to be a unique environment so what works for one person, perhaps even the person next door, is not necessarily going to be the right choice for you. A pest control service uses a scientific approach as well as their experience to ensure that you are given the proper care throughout the entire process. This includes choosing the right type of chemicals, if necessary, to remove the issue from your home and to keep them from coming back again. This type of service is invaluable and is certainly much more than an exterminator can offer.

You should also expect a number of different areas in which they will provide the service. Don’t simply look for somebody that is going to remove the pests from your home, look for somebody that is going to provide an overall plan that will help to keep your home pest free.

One of the services that they offer is an overall investigation. This is something that takes place from the very first time that they step into your home and they will look at everything from the floor to the ceiling and even above. Not only is this going to help to identify any problem areas you may be experiencing, it can also identify damage that may have been caused by the pests as well.

Protecting your home is also another area in which a pest control service is going to stand out. Typically, they will protect the inside of your home directly, sometimes by spraying around the exterior of the rooms. There may also be other factors that are necessary for the inside of the home as well. Sometimes, they will even protect the outside of the home by treating the exterior of the structure at the perimeter. If necessary, they will also remove spider webs, wasp nests and other items.

Sometimes, your home is an open invitation for insects and other invaders. This is another area where a local pest management firm like The Pest Company may be able to help. They will seal up any openings that would make it easy for those bugs to get in. At that point, they will continue to come back on a regular basis, watching out for any problems and giving treatments as necessary. They will provide you with a report on the overall services and ensure that you are not only happy with the service they provide, you are happy with your pest free home.